Asuka Value Up Fund Overview

“Asuka Value Up Fund” is a Constructive Activist Fund with over 8 years track record. The Fund was founded by Asuka Asset Management, one of the largest alternative managers in Japan, aiming at achieving unique alpha by maximizing the use of three different skills, which are Management Consulting Skills, Alternative Investment Skills and Private Equity skills.

In taking into account the nature of Japanese business relationships, we have developed a unique “Company-wide Top-down Project Approach” - or patient activist model - which has proven successful for many investments. Since its inception, the Fund has continuously outperformed indices that rank Japanese equities.

Risk management is the key component throughout all the Asuka Group funds. The Asuka Value Up Fund has implemented carefully managed risk controls, taking into consideration: liquidity, concentration, stop-loss limit, etc., in order to minimize downside risks.

Our investors are long-term investors who understand the effectiveness of our patient constructive activist model. These investors comprise an equal mix of pension funds and long-term institutional investors.